How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day!

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No one likes to talk about cancer, it’s awkward and depressing. But what if you could bypass the ephemeral awkwardness and start discussing it before it’s too late?

How a food can replace medicine and chemotherapies effectively

That’s what Cancer Defeated has been doing since its establishment back in 2006. This private publishing company is dedicated in the research and publishing of alternative cancer treatments for people who cannot afford expensive western treatment models, or whose convictions are in discord with mainstream cancer treatment solutions.

One of the latest publications by Cancer Defeated is the book titled “How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day!” Characterized as a revelation, this book debunks perpetuated and unfortunately, deeply held myths concerning the nature, treatment and cure of cancer.

This book is written by Bill Henderson, who’s seen his wife wither away helplessly. His book is his response to grant pharmaceutical companies who wish to hide away the truth about cancer treatment for reasons related to sales and profit.

Henderson asserting to have discovered a food that melts cancer away, wishes to share his life-saving secret with families of cancer patients and cancer sufferers themselves. He describes this miracle food’s  efficiency in combating cancer as “exposing a vampire to sunshine”. The food he discovered to effectively fight cancer inundates cancer cells with fresh oxygen causing them to “shrivel up and die by the millions” as he writes.

Henderson’s book addresses all those individuals who don’t wish to undergo painful and self-deprecating chemotherapies that don’t work. The arguments Henderson uses in substantiating his claims are scientifically grounded and well researched assigning credibility to his  assertions. In point of illustration, he mentions how doctors don’t believe in chemotherapy’s effectiveness, pointing at a study of how doctors, asked whether they would themselves undergo chemotherapy, they responded negatively.


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