Weird Facts About Weight Loss You Probably Didn’t Know!

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Well here are some juicy facts about weight loss that you probably didn’t know. Some are unusual, some informational and some are downright weird! So here we go…

1. Genetics matter!

There are three kind of body types:
– where you are skinny with superfast metabolism, so you don’t gain weight by whatever you eat!
– where you have athletic body you can easily gain or loose weight and even muscles.
– where you are softer in muscles and body so you gain weight easily but it is difficult to loose it fast.

So identify your body type and work accordingly!

2. Ear infection can lead to obesity!

What!! Yes that is right! Having had too much ear infection in childhood can cause changes in your taste bud. The chorda tympani connects facial nerves and the middle-ear, partially responsible for taste reception on the tip of your tongue! This can give you a preference for fatty and energy rich foods. weird right!

3. Taking stress? get ready to become fat!

This one is a big problem for all of us right? We all have one or the other thing to stress about. If you have paid attention, then you must have noticed that you eat more during stress1 taking stress consumes a lot of your energy making you hungry all the more. try to meditate and spend some ‘you’ time to elevate stress from your life.

4. You keep thinking you are fat even if you loose weight!

It is ingrained in our brain that we are fat and we refuse to acknowledge the loss of weight for a long time. this is because we have a habit of seeing ourselves as fat. Even people’s view might not change about us for sometime. It is all psychology!

5. Sitting can be deadly!

yes, even if you are exercising in the morning and sitting all day for work, you are still harming your body to a great extent. We do all our work sitting, we commute, we eat, we hang out with friends, we do all kinds of stuff. So there is a need to do sitting exercises while you are at work to stay fit.


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