Makeup Must Haves All You Girls Must Possess!

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Here are a few products that every girl’s makeup kit must have!

1. Moisturisers

The most important part of a makeup routine. Always make sure your skin is well moisturised before applying any makeup.


2. Bb cream/foundation

Depending on the amount of coverage one needs. A foundation suiting your skin is a must for a flawless finish. Unless you have extremely bad skin a bb cream is good enough for everyday use.


3. Concealer

Everyone has some sort of blemishes or spots unless you’re naturally blessed with perfect skin. A good concealer will help you cover those spots and dark circles.
Concealers also come in a variety of shades. The general guideline is to go one-half to one shade lighter than your skin. A lighter concealer is best for minimising darker areas–like those circles under your eyes. Darker concealers help hide puffiness.


4. Translucent powder

Translucent powder not only sets your makeup it also gives your makeup that flawless finish.You can apply translucent powder to your eyelids, and around your lips, nose, forehead and chin to reduce shine.


5. Neutral eyeshadows

Eyeshadows come in a number of forms. You can wear it just on your lids, or make it do double duty by applying a thin line of dark brown, gray or black eyeshadow just above and below your eyelashes in place of eyeliner.

6. Set of brushes

We’ve come a long way from using our hands and brushes with sponges. A brush not only keeps your hands of your face but also the bacteria.
Here are a number of brushes that are a must
-foundation brush
-powder brush
-blush brush
-eyebrow definer
-lip brush
-eyeshadow brush

7. Eyelash curler

There’s nothing more flattering than nice eyelashes and an eyelash curler makes a bigger difference than you think.

image 7

8. Blush/bronzer

The correct shade of blush gives you a healthy glow and also makes sure you don’t look pale if applied correctly.
Add a little bronzer on top of your blush for a sun kissed tanned look.


9. Mascara

A girls best friend! Makeup or no makeup, mascara is a must!


10. Eyeliner

Eyeliner gives your eyes the definition they need. Always start with the inner corner building up towards the outer corner. Eyeliners come in gel,liquid and pencil form, each perfect for most looks.


11. Lipstick/gloss

Both glosses and sticks come in a huge array of colors. Your lipstick color should match your skin tone, not always the clothes you’re wearing. Brownish pinks, soft pinks, red and beige are the best accents for lighter skin, while darker reds, burgundies and browns play better off dark skin.


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