#SHOCKING: Cats can be Risky for Your V-A-G-I-N-A!

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A woman felt a very strange pain in her vagina and when she got to know the reason, she was shocked. Have you ever thought of cats affecting you down there badly? No? They can be really very dangerous for your vagina. So, if you have cats in your home, then you must beware of them.

This is an unusual story of a girl who had so much pain in her vagina. It was not a usual pain of menstruation.


She went to see her gynecologist about a strange pain in her lower abdomen.


But when she actually came to know the reason behind her pain down there, she was shocked.

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Because the culprit was her cat. Yes. A cat. Doctor found a fur ball of her cat that she had in her Vagina from last one month.


The girl and the cat used to share the same bed. The fur of the cat were on the sheet. From where they get into her vagina.


Now, she is back to normal and takes so much of precautions from her cats.


Make sure that your pets don’t harm you unintentionally.


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