These Little Things Only Women Can Understand

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We might be classy and stylish, and our poise may be next to perfection. Inspite of this elegance we do have a trashy, casual and maverick side and we too enjoy being in our pajamas all day long, doing nothing at all. Here are some of those things which give us pleasure like no one else.

1. Taking off your bra at the end of the day

taking off your bra
*sigh* what a relieffffff!!!!!!

2. Rubbing your eye after removing eye makeup

rubbing the eye
All that while when you eye was itching and all you could do it control. But now let’s rub it like a boss!

3. Farting in private

farting in private
Blow it like a fire! :p

4. Taking off those high heels

taking off your shoes
They might make the legs look super hot but damn my foot is swollen at the end of the day!

5. Having an orgasm

orgasm gif
Well duh!

6. Making to the last day of the period! EVERY MONTH!

It’s really an achievement!


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