Shower Habits That Are Most Probably Hurting Your Skin

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When it comes to showering, we do not put much thought into it. We just assume that whatever we do, we are doing just fine. But what we do not know is that most of us have bad showering habits, so if we have a very dry skin or quite a lot of break outs than those bad habits are the ones to be blamed.

We are taught of hygiene habits in schools and by our parents but most of them are left out. So when you change these habits, you might feel dirty or uncomfortable but when you will notice the difference in your skin, you will realise that the change was for better.

The bathing habits should differ according to your climate, how much you exercise and your daily work life. So ditch these harmful habits if you want a healthy skin.

1. Moisturising

Moisturising your body right after taking a shower is of most importance. If you do not moisturize right after taking a shower, your skin might become dry. Keep the skin soft and supple by using a moisturizer right after taking a shower.

2. Over scrubbing

When you scrub your skin too much and too hard then there are more chances of causing damage to your skin. You might feel clean and protected but in reality, you might have dry skin and eczema.

3. Using old loofah

If you are using a loofah that is more than a month old then you are probably risking your skin with the damage from bacteria and molds. So it is advisable to throw away an old loofah that can be the home of bacterias and molds.

4. Taking too many showers

Showering for more than one time and for more than 10 minutes can leave your skin dry as water strips your skin off of its natural oil.

5. Long hot shower

Long and hot showers are even more harmful than having two showers a day. Hot water evaporates quickly taking with it, the natural oil of your skin and leaves it prone to inflammatory skin conditions. Avoid hot temperatures and keep them short.

6. Not showering after work out

not taking a shower after working out is a recipe for disaster for your skin. The natural oil of your skin is mixed with sweat and the tight work out clothes do not help the matter. Break outs are bound to occur if you do not take a shower after exercising.

At the end of the day, it is your body and your skin, take care of it. Do not over wash but this does not mean that you skip the needful.


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