5 Food Items That Help You Get Rid Of Dark Lips

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Dark lips are the result of too much sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle or improper diet. But you need to keep in mind that the color of your lips will be the same as that of your gums.

You can reverse the damage done with the help of these food items.

1. Honey

Whether you apply it or use it as a scrub or even consume one spoon of it, it will make your lips look fresh and pink. The antioxidants and minerals in honey like magnesium are the ingredients that prevent discoloration.

2. Tomatoes

Same a honey, you can either apply it on the face or consume on salad, it gives refreshing results and reverses sun damage. It is rich in selenium, a powerful antioxidant that can protect your lips and overall skin from sun damage.

3. Green Tea

Substitute your coffee for green tea as the former turns your lips dark while the latter turns them pink. The polyphenols in the latter fight the free radicals and protect the delicate lips from ravages of aging and sun damage. You can apply it by rubbing green tea bags on lips.

4. Coconut

Drink it as water, consume it raw or add it to your food, it keeps you hydrated and applying it over the lips gives you soft and kissable lips.

5. Walnut

They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are known to boost collagen production keeping the skin youthful. You can use walnut scrub to get rid of dead cells and get pink lips.


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