Sun, Skin and Hair 101

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Summer might be good for your mood, but it is certainly bad for your hair and skin. Bad sunburns, frizzing, brittle hair. Oh, the horror.

Skin and Hair care is all about being proactive; taking all necessary measures to avoid the toll of irreparable damage.

Hair: Weekly Deep Conditioning

All hair problems tend to exacerbate during summer. Frequent outdoor swimming, chlorine, the sun and humidity are ruthless hair enemies that leave our once silky manes exhausted.

A little known secret to bring to the beach your favorite hair strengthening treatment.

Fill a little bottle with it and apply once you get out of the beach. Let hair dry naturally, putting them up in a bun optimizes the treatment’s effectiveness as it blocks the heat and allows the nutrients to get deep into your hair.

Hair needs sun protection too

Your hair and scalp are the first to meet the harsh sun rays, frying it up whilst you work up a tan in the rest of your body.

Shame isn’t it? Reach for a an SPF 10 hair spray and quench your hair’s thirst every now and then, protecting it from sun damage at the same time.

Deep condition your hair to enhance shine and strength

Avoid styling

Curling irons, flat irons and blow-drying should be kept at a minimum as your hair is already tired and dull from sun exposure.

Hairsprays, gels and serums should also be used wisely as they tend to worsen brittleness and take the natural shine away.

Instead of styling products opt for accessorizing your hair. Wrap a scarf around your head a la Jackie O’. Use flowers and other embellishing pins to polish up ponytails and buns.

The Three-Step Rule for body and Face: Exfoliate, Moisturize & Protect.

Whilst most women think that summer requires that we exfoliate and moisturize less because of the heat and humidity, actually the other way round is true.

We need to take care of the skin as often as we do in winter, what changes is the consistency and type of products we should use.


It might seem counterproductive to your tan to exfoliate, but in fact a good exfoliating means that dead cells are removed allowing you to have an even and healthier tan. Plus, it is the basis for a deep nourishing of your skin.

Water-based, lighter moisturizer

Switch to lighter moisturizers that don’t stack up on the skin. Serums and creams tend to be lighter than any other types of moisturizers. Moisturize from head to toe, don’t overlook your lips, ears, back, feet and toes.


When it comes to sunblock the more the better, find the one suited to your skin type and apply often, especially if your skin tends to burn. Don’t forget to opt for broad UV protection.

Even better, switch to bronzing creams rather than sizzling yourself up at the beach, putting your skin in great danger. Whatever you choose, make sure that you do your best to protect your silky, youthful skin. Nourish it, don’t burn it.


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