*Everything* That Is Wrong With Society Today In 10+ Illustrations!

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Nothing is perfect, and nothing is supposed to be perfect but in today’s society there are just too many things that are wrong and we people knowingly ignore them everyday, every moment!

Al Margen, an illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina, creates incredible drawings pointing out the flaws of our times.  His illustrations speak louder than words and are really thought provoking. They are so realistic, not in literal sense but on another level that they compel us to ponder over them and give them atleast some of our time!

He said:

“They are children of boredom, nonconformity or anger.

They are the representation of discarded ideas. They are the garbage of the subconscious. But they are more visceral and sincere than other drawings because they have no obligation to please.

Because they were born only by an impulse and nothing more. Because they were born to annoy because they show the imperfect.”

Have a look at these images and decide for yourself!

#1 If it’s on internet, it’s open for all to see!

You post it for a few people or you save it in cloud. But stop! Think! Is it safe?

#2 Horrible but true!

This is just so sad on so many levels! If only the parents could see what they are doing to their child, the future generation!

#3 Slow suicide!

This not only lights up the bomb for you but also for innocent people around you. Why go for such a slow and painful death and drag your loved ones into it?

#4 One picture, thousand expressions!

This truely depicts what we are doing to ourselves, reducing self to a machine! This is a true depiction of cognitive dominance.

#5. Reduced to bones!

This is what media and fashion has done to females! Do I even need to elaborate on this one??

#6 A slave of money!

Yes! We have all turned into a slave of money, because now money is power, hapiness and everything else in the world! Is it??

#7 It’s all fake!

Everybody is wearing masks today, all are something from inside and totally different from outside. You relate it to makeup and fashion or the double face people!

#8 Poor child!

Think about the playfulness, the laughter, the smile on a child’s face, everything is gone just because of the over dumping of obligations done by parents on children. Its just too much expectation!

#9 Knocked out!

Everyday we see one or the other old business knocked out, or one or the other old building brought down. What are the poor old people supposed to do? Go down with the building itself?

#10 Truly unhappy!

Everyone is dishonest, who are we cheating? Ourself or the others? If you are not true with that one person, your better half, then what is your truth?

#11 Corruption!

Well this is the hard reality! The officials and the people who are supposed to protect are planning attacks!


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