What *NOT* To Do In A Relationship!

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Everybody tells you to do this and do that and what could be done to improve things, etc. But no body actually tells you the real things, i.e. what are the things that must be avoided in a relationship! There are somethings that we do which could totally ruin the good things that we have in life!

So here are a few things that you can avoid so as to protect your relationship and avoid any misunderstanding or fights!

1. No mind reading!


Until and unless you are a mind reader, do not try to be a one! And do not even expect your partner to be a one! Keep a healthy flow of communication between you and your partner and try to tell your expectations or whatever is it that you want, do not expect them to read your mind and do things on their own!

2. No playing hot potato with your feelings


Don’t blame your partner for whatever you are feeling! If you are feeling down, don’t blame it on them that
‘you are making you feel this way’,
no! It is not him that is making you feel this way, it is what he does, so instead of blaming him for your feelings, acknowledge what is making you feel that way!

3. It is not a game to win


You win a fight but you lose the relationship! When there is a fight, do not make points to prove him wrong and yourself right but try to look into yourself and think if you have done something wrong or not. Put the swords down and talk things out. Communication for a relationship is like water for a body.

4. Bottled up feelings? Very bad!


Bottling up your feeling for a long time is totally bad for a relationship! You don’t want to be ‘that girl’ who bothers a lot so you keep your feelings to yourself but this is wrong. Those feelings keep piling up and they haunt you from the inside, unknowingly you harm your relation in trying to protect it and one day the bottle blasts! Game over!

So now that you know what you don’t have to do in a relationship, if you do any of these then stop! And share your wisdom with us too!

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