Skin Care Secrets That Models Swear By

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It is one of the obsessions of the girls to find out the skin care and beauty secrets of models, after all, we all want to look like them. They use a lot of beauty products on their skin and so need to take extra care of it to avoid damage due to the chemicals.

So here are a few secrets of the models that they totally swear by.

1. Potatoe slice for dark circle

This is something that our grandmother has probably told us a thousand times but we, as usual, never pay attention to her. Keeping a slice of potato over the eyes for about 15-20 minutes every day can help get rid of dark circles and the models do use this one kitchen technique for those shiny eyes.

2. Not touching your face

Kendall Jenner says that she has super OCD for washing her face. She washes her face 2-3 times a day and never touches her face without washing her hands before. She swears by never picking on her face and always wearing eye cream.

3. Stick to a routine

They say that sticking to a routine is a must because all the products or the creams that you use on the face need time to do their work. So they must be applied in a proper routine and consistency.

4. Never over do on products

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Do not go over board when using beauty products on your skin. They may cause a lot of damage to your skin and leave it irritated. Whenever you get the chance, keep your skin clear of beauty products and eat a lot of vitamin A to keep it clear.

5. Drink plenty of water

Well, this is no secret, water is the best thing that can happen to anyone. keep yourself hydrated with as much water as you can drink. Apparently, Hrithik Roshan drinks one glass of water every hour! Now you know what a glass of water can do!


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