11 Weirdly Entertaining Profile Pictures on Dating Sites That You Must See!

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11 Hilarious dating-site profile pictures that would make you question the sanity in human beings. In not so polite words- What the fuck were they thinking!

1. We aren’t sure what he is trying to achieve with this outfit.
fun 1


2. Would you date- Mr. Mosquito Man?
fun 2


3. Mermaid seductress!
fun 3


4. Chick Magnet
fun 4

5. Well, atleast you know he could spread his legs when needed.


fun 5


6. Not the kind of kinky bondage you would like to try.
fun 7


7. We are more worried about the person who took the picture!
fun 9


8. He is the real Gangsta!
fun 10


9. Something fishy!
fun 11


10. Teach me master!
fun 12


11. Failed attempt at being sexy
fun 13



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