How The Signs Behave When They Are Depressed

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Everyone behaves differently when they are depressed. Some want space and to be alone, some need their loved ones to be around them, some need hug while some need a good talk. It is all different for different people. Our stars tell us how we behave during our low phases, so let’s find it out!

1. Aries

They become very aggressive and snap pretty much all the time and at everyone. They become a bit weird and want to be around people but also not be around them!

2. Taurus

They would most probably project their depression at others and try to take care of them. They try to find the problems with their loved ones and feel satisfied on helping them solve it.

3. Gemini

They try to ignore things. They would most likely try to keep themselves busy until the thing passes away.

4. Cancer

They would be dependant on food, a good cry and the presence of friends and family. They surround themselves with people they love, eat their feelings and cry buckets when they are depressed.

5. Leo

Well, pity party was most probably first thrown by a Leo. They would literally throw a party to cheer themselves up.

6. Virgo

They try to convince themselves that the feelings they have are of no use and irrational. They try not to think much about it.

7. Libra

They would make sure that they are surrounded by people. A change of scenery is their idea of coming out of depression.

8. Scorpio

They immerse themselves in their negativity so much so that it destroys them and then they come out of it stronger than ever and with lessons learned.

9. Sagittarius

They will never tell you that they are upset. They try to cheer themselves up with the help of small things and do not dwell on things for a long time.

10. Capricorn

These people are prone to depression. They would not accept being low until they hit the rock bottom! They will be in denial and get defensive and they are most likely to isolate themselves when depressed.

11. Aquarius

They become very short tempered and snap at anyone for no apparent reason. They do not have long conversations with people and keep it short.

12. Pieces

They become very delusional. People who do not get what they want to convey just ‘doesn’t understand’ them!


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