12-Year-Old With An IQ Higher Than Einstein

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A British television show had a contestant, a 12-year-old boy of Indian origin who became a sensation overnight. Rahul got all his 14 answers correct in the first round of child genius, a show broadcast by Channel 4.

With an IQ of 162, which is believed to be higher than that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking and qualifies him to be a member of Mensa club, which is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.

Since neither of the scientists has taken an IQ test, the numbers are just an estimate.

Rahul spelled all the words correctly in the spelling test which included the words like garrulous, accouchement, and hyponatraemia. In the timed memory round, he answered 14 out of 15 questions correctly and could not answer the last question due to lack of time.

“I always want to do the best, and I’ll do that no matter what the cost. I think I’m a genius. I’m good at mental maths, general knowledge and I find it quite easy to memorise stuff,”

said Rahul, who cites his favourite language as Latin.

“Most kids want immediate gratification but I also want long-term gratification. If I could play maybe my Xbox now, I’ll be really happy now, but I might be sad later on because I haven’t revised for my test,”

he said.

His success made him an instant social media hit.

Twitter has a lot to say about this boy:

“Rahul could negotiate peace between North Korea and the USA.”

“Fabio and Rahul are on another level, they will go far. ”

“Rahul is my new favourite person. He’s such a CUTIE! ”

The show’s finale will take place over the weekend to crown the UK’s brightest child. All the wishes for the boy!


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