6 Unhealthy Reasons For Being In A Relationship

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We all want to love and be loved but sometimes, the picture of being loved looks so good that we mistake something else for love. There are many reasons to be with someone like love, passion but sometimes the reasons that you have are just not right! Unhealthy reasons that make you wanna be in a relationship with someone may cause more harm than good in long run.

So if you are with someone due to these reasons, think again!

1. Afraid of being alone

Many times, you are afraid of being alone and just because of this reason, you enter into a relationship with someone. Being alone is much better than being with someone you do not love. You need to come to terms with the fact that it is okay to be alone and being dependant on anyone for all your life is not healthy. If you are not happy, then your partner won’t be happy and this way, you both will have more issues than memories in your relationship.

2. What will other people think

If your relationship is not working or you are unhappy, move on! Do not think about what others will say, they are not going through what you are! To be in a relationship with someone, just because of social fear is quite unhealthy for your relationship and also your mental health. Day by day, you will feel more miserable and helpless! So spare yourself the horror and stop living your life according to other’s wishes, it is your life after all!

3. You have been together for so long!

You cannot break up with someone, just because you have been with that person for so long and you do not want to hurt them and it feels like you can manage for rest of your life. This is not healthy at all. So what, if you have been with that person for long, somehow you have realised that he is not meant for you or you want something else with life, listen to your heart because you get this life once and adjusting for all of your life just because you know each other too well or you have become habitual of each other and you do not want to hurt him is just wrong. Because if you continue your relationship this way, you will be hurting him and yourself more than you thought!

4. All relationships are the same way

You think that all the relationships go through the same hardships and you have to adjust. This is plain wrong because all relationships are different, some are great while some face trouble, some last forever while some for only a short time. So it depends on you and your partner, that for how long can you sustain a relationship. If you are facing serious problems in your relationship, then you should not compromise on the notion that all couples go through the same thing. If you cannot bear to put up with something, then do not.

5. This is the best you can get

If you are not happy and you are adjusting just too much, then this is not the best out there! Keep looking for more, you will definitely be happier because if it was meant to be, then you would feel it in your heart and have no qualms about it. The relationship that makes you have second thoughts about being in it cannot be your best shot!


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