What Do You Mostly Lie About According To Your Birth Month

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The birth month has a lot of impact on the life span, intelligence, interest, etc of a person. There is science behind the relation but that is hard to explain. The effects might be small but very very clear.

For instance, there is a different amount of sunlight available each month, sunlight has Vitamin D and how much Vitamin the baby gets, has a long lasting impact on him.

So, there are many ways the stars affect us, our personality is shaped from our birth and here we have for you the lies mostly told by people according to their birth sign.

1. Aries

“I am calm and I don’t get mad.”

2. Taurus

“What! I am not jealous.”

3. Gemini

“I am not judging you.”

4. Cancer

“I am fine.”

5. Leo

“I am totally over it.”

6. Virgo

“I’m never stressed!”

7. Libra

“I am not lying.”

8. Scorpio

“I am not obsessed.”

9. Sagittarius

“I don’t need help.”

10. Capricorn

“I don’t need help.”

11. Aquarius

“I am not insecure.”

12. Pieces

“I can handle it alone.”


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