Five Ways to Turn Your Daughter into the “It Girl”!

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Being beautiful is not enough to be an “It Girl.” It takes more than just a few brushes of makeup and an expensive lifestyle. In fact, over the years the definition of an “It Girl” has changed.To have that prestige is beyond being stylish, fashionable and trendy; you need to be someone who has an appeal that can capture the imagination, attention and desire of both men and woman.

Any girl can turn into an “It Girl,” and parents can immensely help transform their daughter into one. Parents know their daughter better than anyone else. Let me give five ways to turn your daughter into an amazing “It Girl”.

Foster Her Confidence

Apart from education and good moral conduct, confidence is one of the greatest gifts a parent can offer to their children. A lack of confidence can result in your daughter being a people pleaser, and relying too much on others’ opinions for affirmation. This will hold her back from knowing her full potential. An “It Girl” needs to be confident in herself for her to thrive in her circle, and not just survive.


Teach Her Independence

Raising an independent and self-reliant child will lead to her being a responsible person. An independent kid displays maturity, an essential characteristic that defines an “It Girl.” When your daughter is independent, she can make her own decisions based upon her own principles, standards, and morals, and not rely on others’ opinions.


Highlight Female Role Models

Your daughter will be largely influenced by the media around her, so it is important that you highlight positive female role models for her. A positive role model can help mold your daughter’s character. Character is based on how a person conducts themselves, in response to the actions of people around them. Kids learns best by observing others, and most of the time, it is you that they look up to.

 According to a survey conducted by Horatio Algers Association, more than 75% of American children affirm that they see family, friends, and close relatives as their best role models. If you are thinking about suggesting a media personality, I personally suggest Emma Watson. I consider her to be one of the most admired people we have today, due to her being a known feminist, talented actress and a UN ambassador. She is a sophisticated, awesome total package – a bonafide “It Girl” of her generation.


Teach Her About Fashion

Children have a peculiar sense of fashion, and they base it mostly on what is readily available for them, and what they find comfortable. As a parent, you know their personality and have observed their individuality. You are in a perfect position to share styles and fashion ideas that suit them. To be the queen bee, your daughter needs to know about clothing. Teach them the basics, like matching clothes based on print and color, or the proper way of applying makeup based on skin tone and the look and attitude they are going after.


Teach Her the Value of Friendship

“It Girls’ are surrounded with friends. Teach your daughter the value of friendship, and they will go far. Being friendly has a number of advantages like being empathetic, truly understanding others, boosted willpower, and feeling overall better about oneself. Being friendly does not mean accepting whoever in your life as a friend, but rather, choosing quality people to associate with, while respecting everyone as human beings. “It Girls” surround themselves with people who are willing to support them in their endeavors, understand their feelings, and shares common hobbies and interest.

Your guidance as a parent is vital to your daughter’s growth. Whatever she wants to be, you have the influence that can shape the rest of her life. As a parent, we just want our daughters to live their life to the fullest, and experience everything life has to offer. If she wants to be an “It Girl”, we are going to be there to support her; we know that she is capable of making it, and so much more.



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