Men Just Masturbate, We Menstruate. Period.

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This image by Rupi Kaur was removed by Instagram twice claiming it violated community guidelines. How?

Is it pornification ?
Is it adultery ?
Is it provocative ?
If NO, then WHY ?

One day while sitting in the Science class, I realized I was outpouring some liquid from my vagina. Disturbed, I couldn’t concentrate in the class and kept on thinking what was that thick liquid that my vaginal factory was producing in such huge quantities. My panty felt so wet that it clung to my bloodied skin on one hand and befriended my school uniform on other hand. And then came the dreaded moment “Rashima, why don’t you explain us the process of nuclear fission on board”. Frightened and shaken from my thoughts, I stared at her blank face and rose from my seat only to find a bloodied imprint of my bum on the desk. Clueless and feeling my skirt, I hesitantly started walking towards my doom’s door. Unempathetic or unaware of my condition, my teacher smugly grinned and pointed me towards the board.

There I was, about to become the butt of jokes in a matter of few seconds. I heard suppressed whispers, giggles, thumping  behind my back as I struggled to recollect what the fuck fission was when I myself was resorted to being physically dissected by the entire class.

“Why am I bleeding? Am I dying? Does nobody has a clue as to what is happening to me? Oh God! The world is tearing me apart.” Period

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“You are having periods”, mumbled my friend as she pulled me outside the classroom. “Every girl undergoes it”. Then why did nobody inform me, I blurted out, confused, angry, anxious, dizzy and whatnot. “Because its not something that you discuss in public, its dirty, its cheap. Take this whisper” (doubly wrapped in a newspaper and a black poly bag), she whispered into my ear, “and don’t talk about this with anyone.” Period

Do I commit a sin whenever I bleed? The stains on the skirt, the desk were wiped off but what about the stained mindsets. They guided me to remain mum about it, “everybody undergoes this pain, these mood swings, you are no different. Don’t touch pickle, you’ll spoil it; don’t go to temple, you’ll disrespect God; don’t wear shorts, you’ll blot. If menstruation is so natural and God given as breathing, eating and excreting is, then why should I be ashamed of it?

Has every person been robbed off his sanity, his thinking prowess, his logical senses or there is something wrong with me who is rebelling against all these lame, idiotic taboos. Yes, I bleed every month to sustain mankind in this mad universe. I undergo excruciating pain, I get hospitalized to deliver life from my divine womb. I experience hormonal changes, I swell from every possible corner of my body, I cry, I bleed to provide a heir to your family. Still am I unholy?

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In that case, all female goddesses should be uninstalled from the holy shrines, males should start bearing babies and experience the monthly curse to feel the heat.

Creating this post is not blasphemy, not accepting the fact is…

Image credits: Rupi Kaur.


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