5 Common Vaginal Odor Explained: Are They Good Or Bad

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The vagina is naturally supposed to have its own smell. In fact, a healthy vagina will emit different kinds of smells according to their menstrual cycle. There are slight and subtle changes in the odor during the month. SOme women have a naturally strong smell down there while some have a subtle smell.

A normal smell is the sign of a healthy vagina but sometimes a weird change in the smell can be the sign of an unhealthy flower down there. Sometimes the changing smell can be the sign of infection or other health issues while it may also be the sign of oncoming periods or ending of periods.

When you smell differently down there, you have a few questions for yourself like should you go to a doctor? Or, should you just change to cotton underpants? Sometimes, the health issues are accompanied by itching, discharge, etc.

SO take a whiff down there and find out what your vag-vag is trying to tell you.

1. Fishy smell

This might mean that something is off. An intense fishy smell down there can be a sure sign of bacterial infection. The infection is curable by antin=biotics but you might need immediate medical attention.

2. Metallic smell

A metallic smell off your vagina is probably not a sign of something bad. It might come when you have just finished with your periods or had some contact with semen. In both the cases, the Ph balance down there can be a bit more basic rather than acidic. So if the smell is temporary, it is nothing wrong but if the smell persists, then you probably need to visit your doctor.

3. Yeast or bread smell

Normally the yeast infection does not have any kind of smell and you get to know about it through other symptoms like white discharge or itching. But sometimes, it emits a faint smell that is like a musty bread which tells you that you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible. It also helps you to distinguish a bacterial infection from yeast infection.

4. Musky scent

This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong, it is just a bit heavier scent of your natural vaginal smell which says that you have been sweating a lot or wearing tight clothes for long. Changing your skinny jeans for loose pants or washing your flower with a mild soap will do the deed and you do not have to go to a doctor in such cases.

5. Rotten smell

This is a sign that tells you that you need to go to your gyne immediately. If you use a tampon, this smell might be because of your last tampon which you forgot to dispose of. You do not have to be shy about it because your gyne has probably dealt with things much worse.


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