The Parliament Of India Tour!

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Recently, I visited the Parliament Of India situated at New Delhi near Vijay Chowk. Parliament is the place where all the major issues of our country are discussed as well as taken. I visited the place with a bunch of my friends, roamed around the whole building, attended Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, took pictures and saw a bunch of politicians(missed the PM as he was in a meeting). Many historical events have taken place there.

Rajya Sabha
rajya sabha

Lok Sabha
lok sabha

I saw the whole building inside and outside. Attended the Lok Sabha and that day the topic was Export Goods and GST bill 2016, it was a good session. The audience is seated above as in on the first floor and all the members of the Lok sabha sat on the ground level. The environment is very peaceful, no one is allowed to talk. The members one by one give the speech on the topic being discussed. After attending the Lok Sabha, I went to attend the Rajya Sabha. It was better than Lok Sabha and more of people, the members as well as the audience, were there. The Topic going on in the Rajya Sabha was Jammu and Kashmir disputes. The session was incredible. Everyone was so indulged and motivated by the points and remarks told by the members of the Parliament.

mk gandhi

After both the sessions, we came out and ate some refreshments from the canteen. Do try the ice cream there, it’s really good. After snacking, we took a long tour of the Parliament and from the tour I got to know that there are a total of 160 pillars in the building and the whole building was constructed in just 6 years. That is a lot of work in very less time period. The architectures must have been amazing workers. I also discovered that the Green carpet stands for Lok Sabha whereas the Red carpet stands for Rajya Sabha. I also saw the place where Mahatma Gandhi gave his first speech, the place where Indira Gandhi was attacked and where the terrorists attacked a few years back.

All over, it was one great experience I gained this year. I advise everyone to go there once, passes are available online and also from the Parliament Offices. And let me tell you that phones and bags are not allowed inside so you got to submit it there before entering the building. Also, don’t forget to take your ID’s with you for basic identification.


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