10+ *Magical* Streets Shaded By Flowers And Trees. It’s Magic!

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The transient beauty of nature is truly something to be relished and appreciated at the same time just like Japanese do. But you do not need to go deep into the philosophical meaning of things to appreciate the beauty, you just have to take a leisurely walk around the area!
Walking down a picturesque street can be mesmerizing, but there are practical advantages of it too. Apparently, tree-lined streets help with all heat-related urban problems, increase evaporation and transpiration from the Earth’s surface and encourage walking and cycling.
Go to these places with your loved one and you will fall in love with them all over again…
Well we bring to you a collection of really beautiful, magical I must say, photos of streets from all around the world that will make you believe that ‘true beauty lies in nature’.
They might not be all the magical streets in the world but they are some and more!

Scroll down and let yourself get lost in the magic of nature’s beauty!

1. Bonn, Germany

The streets of this beautiful city straddling Rhine river will take your breath away!

2. Valencia, Spain

The city of arts and sciences and futuristic structures looks like something out of a painter’s imagination!

3. Cullinan, South Africa

This small town along the diamond route is a famous tourist spot and we all can see why!AD-Worlds-Magical-Streets-6

4. Nafplio, Peloponnese, Greece

This is the most beautiful and romantic cities all over Greece! I think I just fell in love!

5. Tunnel Of Love, Romania, Caras-severin

This is just like the one in Ukrain. But seriously, look at the image and imagine what the actual view would be like!

6. Positano, Italy

This holiday destination with a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes and topped with these beautiful flower canopy is simple amazing!

7. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

‘A colorful walk’ at this beautiful tunnel would feel like walking in a fairytale! Look out, you might find some unicorns out there!

8. Denver, Usa

This is the best place to live in whole of USA. And if the night lighting and view is like this then there is no doubt why!

9. Kaluszyn, Poland

Do I even need to say anything?? Just look at the view! Its like I’ll enter a fantasy novel at the end of this road…

10. Brussels, Belgium

This is what you get when Physics and science meet nature! A true beauty…

11. Montréal, Canada

Can I go for a stroll here every morning? I would even get up early for this one! Damn, this looks soothing and so calm!

12. Plumeria Tunnel In Thailand

This place is like ‘Flowers? Eh, who needs them!’

13. Hawaii, USA

Well this proves that Hawaii is not only about beaches and waterfalls!

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