10 Things Every True Bollywood Lover Will Relate to

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Indians are born with drama in their blood and Bollywood movies just add to our personality. We are raised watching bollywood movies, in fact you’ve watched Amitabh bachchan in action much before you were born thanks to your Bollywood loving Mom! India has infact a lineage of bollywood lovers and it’s not going to stop in the near future.

1. The drama follows you!

You have to express everything over dramatically. You even cry like a Bollywood star in funerals!


2. You act like a camera is always around you

You think you are living the actors life and all your actions pertain to that of characters from the movie.


3. You are the first one to guess the movie while playing charades

People actually pick you first in such games çuz they know you know all the movies.


4. You think sarees are sexy because of the way actresses portray it in movies

You always go to “Kareena wali saree” whenever you go shopping.


5. You know all the dialogues by heart and never hesitate to use it in appropriate situations

“Kyu? Kyu ka koi jawaab nahi hota ”


6. You would choose Bollywood movies over Hollywood any day!

You always insist on watching Bollywood movies and always get the stink eye from your friends.


7. You defend your favorite actor’s movie like a family!

“Agar tumne usske khilaf ek shabd bhi aur kaha toh dhek lena ” Oops, sorry can’t help it!


8. You always dream of a guy like Rahul, Raj or Prem!

Even though they are overly fictitious characters, you can’t help but yearn for the day you run and collase in the arms of your loved one in a mustard field.


9. You jump up to dance on the first beat of any Bollywood song.

There is no stopping you afterward, is there?


10. You live to hear new Bollywood songs.

Your playlist is full of Bollywood songs and by now you’ve learned the lyrics to most of them.



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