11 Signs that Shows You are An-Un-Girly-Girl!

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Are you a Not-So-Girly-Girl? You also don’t like pink color? You can’t also stand the smell of perfumes? You also like to wear jeans and a tee rather than a short dress? Then this is definitely for you. It’s not like that all the girls eat salads. There are those girls also who prefers to eat chicken and all the junk food instead of a salad. So, here are the 11 signs which defines the other side of girls.

1.When you don’t like taking selfies.

Because you are yet to master the art of a “pout” and look far from sexy while trying to get a perfect selfie.


2. When you don’t like salads.

Rather than you’ll have grilled chicken, noodles, pizza with SALAD.


3. When you don’t understand the difference in manicured hands.

Nail Filer? Nail paint? Manicure? What the rubbish are you talking about?


4. When pink color is not in your color scheme.

What is your favorite color?
You- Black.
What about pink?
You- ?????????


5. When back biting bothers you a lot.

I am not bothered how she behaves with you. Bitch please.


6. When short dresses are not your cup of tea.

Short dresses? No ways. I am happy in my jeans and a cool tee.


7. When heels are a torture for you.

Yeah! I am ready to go with my canvas shoes on.


8. When you can’t bear perfumes.

Perfumes? Ewww… I hate them. I love my natural odor.


9. When you don’t know how to wear make-up.

You: I don’t understand how girls apply eyeliner and lipstick so perfectly.


10. When you are unable to understand girl’s talks.

Sorry? Really? What? What? What?


11. When they scream like hell and it irritates you so much.

Shut up. You don’t have to scream this way. Please.



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