10 *Love* Lessons To Learn From The King Of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan!

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Shah Rukh Khan movies have redefined love for us in more than one ways. He is not just the king of Bollywood but of Romance and Love too!

His movies always hold some advice for a healthy relationship. Who wouldn’t want a Raj from DDLJ as a boyfriend or a Rahul as a friend and lover!

So let’s not waste time and see what all our King Khan’s movies teach us about love.

1. Never let it go!


Just like Raj from DDLJ if you have found the love of your life, do not let them go.
Cross oceans if need be, go leaps and bounds to be with them but do this all in the right way, without hurting the feelings of your loved ones, your parents!

2. Struggling marriage? Overcome the problems

There is no relationship without a few hiccups, so do not let those small things ruin your relation. Try to understand the other person’s point too and do not let the ego come in between you both. Overcome your problems just like Raj and Priya from Chalte Chalte.


3. Believe that you have a soulmate

God has made a special someone for you whether you are carefree like Rahul or sincere like Pooja from Dil Toh Pagal Hai. Keep believing in God’s plan and destiny will take you to your soulmate.


4. Love is friendship

Love is friendship and friendship is love! This is the most valuable lesson he taught us in his movie kuch kuch hota hai. So if you feel something for your best friend, tell them soon!


5. True love is forever!

When you truly love someone, they never really die, no power on this earth can take them away from you. They live in your heart forever and you are never really alone just like in Mohabbatein!


6. Ups and downs are part and parcel of life

Life is never a bed of roses and if it is, then it has thorns too. Family is always there to help you go through your kabhi khushi kabhi ghum moments.


7. Trust is the key

If you do not trust your partner then your relation would suffer. do not be paranoid and learn to trust your partner and see how things turn out. Being an over possessive lover can make you loose them, just like Gopal from hum tumhare hain sanam.


8. Avoid rash decisions

One decision taken in anger and hurry can ruin your life and that of your partner. Simply speaking, do not be devdas!


9. Love knows no boundaries

Love can happen with anyone, from any country, to a person of any religion! Just as Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh from India can fall for Zaara Hayat Khan from Pakistan in Veer Zaara.


10. Infidelity is not the better road

Kabhi alvida na kehna was a critique of infidelity in marriage. You may not be happy in your marriage but adultery is not the solution. You must be honest and loyal till you are bound to each other.



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