12 Things You Can Relate To If You’re Scared Of Watching Horror Movies

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If you are scared of watching of horror movies and haunted stories freak you out, here are a few things you would relate to.

1. Just one horror movie can give you three sleepless nights.


2. When your friends return from a movie and discuss all those horror scenes, you sit with your hands pressed hard against your ears. You just can’t bear listening to them.


3. The worst part of the whole discussion is- “It was based on a true story.”


4. You dread those real life haunted stories narrative session at sleepovers with your friends or cousins.


5. You are never excited about the new horror movie releases.


6. You’re scared of darkness. Electricity cuts accompanied with inverter failure are your worst nightmares.


7. Aware of your abhorrence and fear of haunted stories, your friends try to freak you out by making all those weird horrific sounds.


8. Watching those movies with volume on mute doesn’t make them any less scary for you.


9. Your expression when your friend says that they found the movie scenes funny-


10. The slightest creak of the windows or doors at night scares the shit out of you.


11. You watch one horror movie and its scenes haunt you for days to come. You’re scared to look in the mirror, under the bed or at the top of your closet.


12. If your friends forcibly take you to a horror movie, you spend all the time in the movie hall chanting Hanuman Chalisa.



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