How To Use Essential Oils For Hair Regrowth

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There are many natural remedies that you follow and many articles that you read to solve your problem of hair fall. You use costly products, apply loads of things, in short go through a lot of pain for your hair. But do you get the result?? Most of the time the answer is NO!!
So here is an article that will solve all your problems and trust me, you won’t have to take pains with this one and you are definitely gonna get the results.
Essential oils are natural oils obtained by distillation of plants. They contain all the properties of the plant and are most beneficial. They can be inculcated in our food, or beauty regime, they have medicinal properties too.

Here is a list of oils and how they benefit hair health:

Carrot seed – stimulates growth and strengthens roots
Lavender – stimulates circulation, regenerates the skin, reduces stress
Lemon – reduces greasy hair and stimulates circulation
Rosemary – increases cellular metabolism that stimulates hair growth
Sandalwood – encourages new hair growth

Hair Regrowth Serum Recipe:

You need:
Castor oil
Argan oil
5 drops of Rosemary oil
5 drops of Lavender oil

Add both argan oil and castor oil in 50:50 ratio and add the essential oils as directed.

To Use:
Apply the serum on your roots and specially on the problem areas.
Massage it for some time.
Let it sit for atleast 30-60 minutes befor wash.
The longer you let the oil sit, the better.
You can always heat up the oil a bit for better absorption but if ou are not heating then warm up the oil by massaging properly.
Heating up the oil makes it loose some of its properties but some say that heated oil is better..
What do you think??
Try on the serum and share your results!
Take care.


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