5 Tips for an Instant Happiness Boost!

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Summertime doesn’t always mean ultra-fun all the time. Sometimes it’s OK to need a little pick-me-up – yes, even if the sun is shining bright.

So, if everyone’s seems so happy but you, what do you do to change your mood? It’s super easy actually!

Dance it off!

Music takes your mind of anything that worries you. Your body and mind try to synchronize with the music tempo and your feet and hands start swaying to the melody.As a result your attention shift to something positive and upbeat that your negative mind chatter disappears. It’s that easy to improve your mood; just try dancing to this song and not feeling great afterwards “Happy Together”.


Focusing on your breathing it’s all it takes to feel better.

With Youga  you takes the focus off of future worries and past mistakes and into the present moment. All your attention is on your body and breathing which declutters your mind and lets you find inner peace irrespective of what might be going in that jungle out there!

Try 10-minute routine by Mandy Ingber for an instant happiness boost. ☺

Online games

Studies confirmed that playing online games may improve your mental health and make you happier in the shortest period of time.

But first of all, you have to find a trusted platform. We can highly recommend ice casino.This well-known platform earned a great reputation for its top-notch security and a wide range of live gaming options for each player. Just try and you will see. ☺

Take a nap siesta-style

Take it from the Spanish and other countries in the Mediterranean sea. The are practicing siesta, taking naps in the middle of the day to rest, especially in those warm months of the year.

Studies have found that daytime sleep actually reduces cardiovascular stress. Bu

Dance sadness off!

t even if it didn’t have these health benefit, sleep still helps you feel rested and it has been repeatedly emphasized in fact that sleep is key to happiness

Think about sleep deprived people, they’re grumpy, pessimistic and cannot focus or be as productive as well-rested people.

Indulge in a guilty pleasure —bar the guilt!

As an adult you will see that there are so many Don’ts and Mustn’ts and Shouldn’ts.

It’s ok to indulge in things you enjoy from time to time, you know.

Don’t blindlessly self-limit yourself to the rules and obligations of adult life and when you finally get to enjoy something you truly love and are passionate about, do it guilt-free!


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