5 Weird Excuses Given By A Poor Eater!

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I Was Born With A Small Tummy. It’s Not My Fault!

poor eater
If you start scolding a poor eater, they’re super quick to add that the fault is not in them, it’s how they were born! They never asked for a small tummy, it’s just how they were made!

Maybe My Oesophagus Is Thinner Than Others!

poor eater
Oh yes! Maybe their oesophagus is of a lesser radius as compared to others. So their food pipe takes time to push the food down to their stomach and hence the slow and poor eating!

I Make Sure I Chew My Food A Minimum Of Thirty Two Times!

poor eater
Now that’s a smart one! So if anyone comes and targets you for your slow rating speed, just tell them that you don’t like to mess with how things are naturally meant to be. If God has given you have thirty two teeth, you make sure you put them to the right use!

Its Not Like I Can’t Eat Fast, It’s Just That I Like To Enjoy The Taste Of My Food Thoroughly.

poor eater
It’s not about the number of bites you take in a moment, it’s about the number of moments you live in a single bite! The club of poor eaters is all about enjoying the little food that they eat. So they might eat less, but they make sure that they enjoy that bit thoroughly!

Food Doesn’t Really Interest Me Man! It’s Just So Tiring To Pick Up A Bite From The Plate And Eat It.

poor eater
And this one is the most hilarious of all the excuses! It’s too much of an effort to make yourself a bite and actually chew it’s way down to your stomach. It’s high time for science to come up with a technique where someone else should do the eating for us and it should automatically fill our stomachs!


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