6 Things We All Do When We Are Hungry

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1. Two Trips To The Fridge

Wherever you intent to go, you end up making a short trip to the fridge again. Hoping that this time, the contents would change miraculously and a pizza would pop out of nowhere.

trips to the fridge 1
2. Suddenly We Start Thinking Of Finding a Distraction

But alas! The hunger strikes back in.

no. 2


3. Starts Counting The Seconds

Every second counts, literally

waiting 2


4. Too Lazy To Go Out , Energetic Enough To Be A Bitch

Suddenly, the universe seems to be against us. We bitch, we cry and we bitch more and blame someone else for our situation, because it’s quite evident that one of your enemies spun out a plan to make you gain weight by increasing your appetite. Quite evident indeed!

bitch 2


5. Swear To Learn How To Cook, Fail Miserably

You swear to god that this time you most definitely would learn how to cook. Yeah, it’s similar to swearing in the beginning of the semester that you would actually study the whole year. Bad habits die hard, no?
no. 5


6. Planning For The Next Time You Are Hungry

Okay, so you have thought of all the permutation and combinations that could work for the next time you are super hungry. But, being you- you know you wouldn’t do any of those preps for next time and still cry like a baby because you are hungry. Humans- they never learn, do they.




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