7 Things That Introverts Are Tired Of Hearing!

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1) Go out there and talk to people. You’ll make new friends.

People often ask you to go and interact with people so you can make new friends. Well, ask an introvert and he/she is quick to add that they are extremely satisfied with their current lot of friends and do not wish to add more friends in their list.

2) What makes you so under confident?

Ask an introvert what makes them so under confident and they have a list of things that you won’t finish hearing even by the end of this world. Like it’s literally everything, people looking at them, people talking to them, people hearing them, people observing them, people judging them, people advising them, people being alive…. you get that? EVERYTHING.

3) Just imagine your audience is a bunch of rabbits and you won’t be scared anymore!

Imagining the audience as a bunch of rabbits?? What even?? You really think i can focus on my speech if i start running my imaginations wild? I mean imagining humans as animals? Literally wild! And dumb! And sick!

4) You can’t keep up with this competitive world if you are so introvert.

Telling an introvert that they won’t be able to survive in the world of competition is the most irritating thing you can ever do! Like were you even asked for your expert comments? Can’t you just keep your dirty mouth shut?

5) Initiating a conversation is a sign of a good leader.

If you know so well as to what it takes to be a good leader, why don’t you go and join politics? I would be the happiest person to NOT vote for you!

6)If you keep hesitating, how will you ever give a job interview?

WAO!! That’s the best thing you could say to make my day! My ears were literally waiting to hear your wise words! Like i don’t have many problems already, now i need to sit back and stress about not being good enough for a job interview. Huh.

7) I don’t have any personal interest in lecturing you. I’m only saying all this because I care for you.

And after a long unwanted lecture, they add an oh-so-innocent ‘i really care for you’. Well guess what, I can take care of myself!


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