Ghumakkad: This Short Film Has a Lot To Offer!

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A young girl who is going through multiple issues and problems in her life related to love, work and family, she decides to go on a 3-month sabbatical to Europe, Hoping that all her issues would solve themselves by the time she comes back. Little did she knew that they will multiply themselves by the time she is back. The film is about her first day back in the city facing all her problems at one go.


“This short film actually is giving a reality check to all those who are stuck by wanderlust and dream to travel the world. The glamor and the dreams behind travel needs a reality check, both amongst the youth and the old. This movie will also make sure to teach the importance of fighting with the circumstances and facing them, because no matter how fast you can run you will have to address your problems someday or the other or else it will multiply.”


This movie will act as a detox for every young person out there who is letting himself get captivated by the idea of a perfect life and travel. We need to understand that as a human being we are whole in ourselves and that every person has different paths to take over. No one should let themselves lose to the ideas and lifestyle of others. The life that social media portrays is not behind the scenes.




“Escapism is surely not a solution to any of the problems, it will make it even worse.”


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