Fill Your wardrobe With Anushka Sharma’s New Clothing Line NUSH

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She is an actor, she is a producer and now she has launched her own clothing line NUSH and we can never be more excit5ed about it. She has made all her fans proud and super excited by announcing the launch of her own clothing line on Friday.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time,” Sharma revealed about the brand, which has aptly been named Nush, one of her nicknames. “Clothes are actually something that we live in, they are a huge part of our lives. Our style is the way we express ourselves, the way we express our mood. I wanted to create a brand that can add that value to someone’s life, be a part of that person’s life.”

NUSH carried Anushka’s fuss-free style and has vibrant colors, low maintenance casuals, and happy prints. The designs will show you that they are from her, imagine wearing a fuss-free sundress with opaque fabric that needs no layering or a jacket with loads of pockets. The denim and the boho blouses are all made keeping in mind the comfort quotient.

“I have personally taken interest in the styles of Nush, so there’s a bit of myself in all the outfits,” Sharma tells Vogue before sharing her journey. “I got really emotional before the launch. I was thinking about the time when my mom and I used to go shopping. We didn’t have enough, I come from a very regular middle class family, my father’s in the army, and I was modelling back then. It was difficult; I needed to have good clothes because I used to have to go for auditions, and my mother used to make sure that I was able to have those things. As a young girl, shopping for clothes that suited my sense of fashion under one roof was a struggle. If we got the right style, the price didn’t fit, when we found the right price, it was lacking in style. My father used to get so bored, he’d be sitting outside talking to the guy making bhel puri! When my parents came and joined me today, all those memories came back to me. I thought to myself, I couldn’t have imagined at that time that one day I’d have my own clothing line!”

Comprising of over 160 pieces, the debut collection of Nush can be found in Shoppers Stop outlets in India on October 12, and you can also buy pieces online on Myntra. “What you do is really important, and so is who you do it with,” says Sharma. “I want to take this opportunity to thank Suditi Industries (the clothing company behind your new favorite buys).” Can’t wait to start shopping?

Listen to the story of NUSH:


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