She Looks So Much Like Priyanka Chopra That We Can Call Them Identical Twins

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There is only one Pee Cee and nobody can match up to the level of beauty she is. She is fabulous and we all love her, and this a fact.

Vancouver-based fitness vlogger, Navpreet Banga with YouTube channel BrownGirlLifts, is someone who looks so much like her that we can’t ignore it. Yes, she looks like Priyanka Chopra. Not slightly, but to the level that we can say they are identical twins who got separated at some Kumbh Mela.

If you don’t believe us see it yourself.

Yes, she is Navpreet, not Priyanka.

Once again, you thought she was Pee Cee, but she is Navneet.


A photo posted by Navpreet Banga (@browngirllifts) on

Looks like Priyanka Chopra or not but Navneet’s fitness videos are truly inspiring.


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