The Not-So-Life-Changing-Decisions!

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The first thing about life changing decisions is that they are not all that they claim to be. Somewhere down the line, reflecting back you realize that! They are important, most definitely.  But it is never a question of life and death (until you are literally deciding that). A few reflections:

  • Don’t ask for advice. Just information. Different things work out in differently for different people. There is nothing common in the seemingly common situations in life. The only common formula that works every time is – To each His own! You never know what would work out with a specific bundle of nerves, there is no recipe. So if you decide something, know the older anecdotes but don’t rely on them!

    Choosing What's Best can be a Harassing Process!

  • Remember the fact that – everything has a value. Every opportunity will cost. But what is the worst thing that could happen? Once you know where you want to be then maybe after 20 years you won’t even remember the ‘life-changing decision’ that you had to take!
  • Read about similar experiences. Stop pretending that you are doing something ground-breaking (even if you are, the point here is modesty). Once you know the stories of the risks people took, you would realize the extent of triviality of your action. This would let you decide in much more relaxed frame of mind.
  • Public opinion is hardly a thing important enough to influence your decisions. Don’t let people get to you, for the crazy idea that you have stumbled onto and wish to pursue. In the end, all of it is about you. The opinion of the masses would sway soon enough, be it ridicule or appreciation!
  • Strategy is the second most important concern after the chosen path. Chart out a strategically profound map which would leave maximum opportunities out in the open for you – the most freedom and even a take on things which might sound not quite important to you right now!

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