Women Proudly Posting Naked Yoga Photos, Shuts Down Trolls With Her Message

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Kirsty Tavolacci shares photos of her doing elaborate yoga postures while naked on Instagram, where she has more than 30,000 followers. The 21-year-old woman believes everyone should know they are beautiful in their “natural state”.

“I was prompted to post naked yoga photos because it was freeing, liberating, and truly a form of art that not many people had seen before. The purpose of the photos is to let everyone know that they are beautiful and to let everyone know that in their most natural state, confidence and self-love is everything,” she told Charlotte Five.

"Are we born for something bigger than a simple life on tracks? Station to station, just pressing time to the finish line Are we fooling our imaginations? Like ships on the shore or planes on the floor Or trains on the highway You're a colorful soul in a technicolor world While you're living it black and white . Where we are is not all we are It's the path we've run so far Have you ever felt so alive? You feel the blood in your veins like ice Melting down your spine Oh, have you fallen in love? Felt that shiver, that shift in your soul Crashing down like a wave On the seaside, on the seaside" – All We Are by Andy Kong . . . Enjoying my last afternoon in Coronado on the beach then saying goodbye to @stringbeanyoga 😭 At 3 I'm taking a train up to LA to see my "gram" bestie I've never met, @lexcreid in just a few short hours! Going to a HIIT vinyasa class later tonight in Venice & def. gonna be cuddling her kitty 🐱 see you soon babe! . . #pincha #pinchamayurasana #HIITtoINVERT #backbend #yoga

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While some appreciated her initiative and thought, there were many negative comments by haters too and she replied applaudingly to them. “Why are people so mad at girls who are okay with themselves? Do you know how many problematic things they have had to unlearn?” she captioned one of her nude pictures.

“How much self-destructive stuff they have had to erase from their memory? Don’t patronize someone for feeling confident because you don’t know the process that went into building their self-esteem.”

She responds to all the rude comments but deletes the nasty ones and blocks the person who sends those.

She says that she is not encouraging people to “sexualize” Body with her posts but encourage them to be “naked, natural and truly themselves”.

“As a society, we should be telling others they are beautiful and empowering them, not doing the opposite,” she says.

About to go hike around and explore some more today with these beautiful babes & @justinyogastanley . 💕☀️🌵

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"Be you, the world will adjust" shapes with @jessicarichburg — might be my favorite photo ever 🙌 I just have no words for this incredible capture by @darius.ollison.photography , making our vision come to life🙌 We met about a year ago for the first time at Freedom park in Charlotte. He was this kind, funny dude that always spoke in accents & he's become such a good friend. He did my first ever yoga shoot and I was his first ever yoga girl he's shot with. Ever since then he comes to Charlotte every so often and we get to make magic and memories! If you're looking for a dope photographer hit up my friend, Darius for his rates. Seriously friends, he's amazing, obviously. . Also, prints are avail by request.

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