10 Signs You Are Turning Into An *Aunty Ji*!!! Proceed With Caution!

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In India, it is a culture to address everyone you know as an aunty or an uncle, we never call our elders by their name. But what actually happened is this word ‘Aunty’ has turned quite negative! Like if you call some lady as aunty, she will give you such a look that if looks could kill, you would be dead and buried there itself! This has happened due to the irritating things and the pokey nature of Indian Aunties!

So today we are also taking this word as a negative and going to tell you that if these things are happening with you then you are definitely turning into an ‘aunty’.

Proceed with caution!

1. Wearing sneakers with non-sneaker outfit

You are committing a fashion blunder for your comfort and this is what aunties do! If you want to go for a walk or exercise then wear yoga pants and sneakers, not a salwar suit with sneakers!

2. Yell at people for eating


You keep yelling at people to eat more and more because you think that they have not eaten enough and the cherry on the top is that you never think they have eaten enough. If they do not eat on your insisting, you start that emotional blackmail!

3. ‘Kids These Days’ Has become your pet dialogue

When you see the kids on mobiles or taking about the girl or boy they love, etc, you say ‘Kids these days’ and not silently I might add, loud enough for people to hear!

4. Being extremely polite when need be


All the aunties become extremely polite when they need to get their work done. If you do the same t

hen you are definitely an aunty!

5. Keep eating and saying “I’m getting fat!”


You keep eating fries and saying that you are getting fat. Well aunties don’t care about the fat, so they complain to show that they care but actually they don’t.

6. You keep complimenting and flattering people on the outside


Whenever you go out, you keep complimenting people and flattering them over everything and anything! But on the inside you are actually making fun of them or getting jealous.

7. The spicy gossips never end


You have so much of spicy things to tell others that the tales never end and gossips are never enough to fill up your tummy!

8. You look better in saree than in any other outfit


You look good in saree only because all the eating and complaining only has turned your belle into a drum and now suit and top don’t suit you!

9. You keep telling single people to get married


Whenever you meet someone single you keep asking them why they are not married yet or telling them about a girl or boy you know whom they can marry, etc, etc!

10. Interrogating people living with you before letting them leave


Whenever your rommie leaves the room or any of your friends go somewhere, you do not let them go before you ask them hundreds of questions and interrogate them relentlessly!


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