A Tragic Love Story: Too Much? Too Close? #Episode 1

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Just one expression… Devastated. What she saw that day cut through her heart like a knife and tore her soul into pieces, pieces that were still chanting his name. She felt nothing, she had no tears and no sense as to where she was going or what she was doing. She simply went home and buried herself in the blankets wishing that she was burying herself deep into the earth, wanting never to come up. She never thought that her beautiful universe would turn so cruel, where there was no place for sorrow or sadness before, there is nothing left except that for her. For the first time in her life she slept with a hollowness inside her heart.

Nights turned to morning and mornings turned to night, from the outside she was the same happy-go-lucky girl. Decking herself up with an elegant suit of smiles and giggles but nobody noticed that none of those smiles reached up to her eyes. How could anyone even notice that, the one person who could do it was no more there for her.
She wore this artificial suit in hope that he will come back to her and everything will be same as before. She still longed to be tucked into his arms where she could listen to her favorite music, his heartbeat, and forget about all her worries. Alas! The one person, his better-half, who was supposed to always be there for her was in love with some other woman.

When he came up to her and confessed his affair, she simply could not hold it in any longer. Her legs gave away and she fell on her knees. Her spine started aching with the chill of sorrow she felt within and when she looked up to see him for the last time, he was not there and the front door was open. That is when the floodgates opened and she heard a loud cry of pain, cry for the unrequited love, for the shattered fantasies, for the future lost, and she realized that painful cry was coming out of her own throat.
Sick and spineless guy! Right?
Stay tuned to find out what she actually saw…


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