7 Sex Positions Everyone Must Try In Their Lifetime!

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Does your sex life want an update?? Yeah, we hear you. The good news: It’s easy to turn things around by switching up your sex positions. Scroll on down, down, down—and enjoy yourself.

1. Flat Iron

You lie facedown on the bed, legs straight, hips slightly raised.

2. Head Over Heels

He won’t know what to think with this almost upside down twist to the woman on top position. You have the control plus the thrill of doing something different.

3. Ride Along


You’ll have a lot of leverage in this position, while he has access to touch you anywhere! Tell him exactly what you want and he’ll be happy to oblige.

4. On a Pedestal

This is an ultimate move when you take things where they need to be. Don’t be afraid to take them some place other than bed. You might be surprised by how good they feel!

5. Look Into My Eyes

You are in total control plus you have the support of bed. Just look into each others eyes and you will have the best sex of your life!

6. Scoop Me Up

You have better skin to skin contact which will turn up the heat and you will love this position!

7. The Bridge

Have him pull you up. Can’t say much about this other than ‘try it up!’


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