She Lost Her Husband and Documented her Pain To Keep Him Alive! Heart-Wrenching Photos!

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Beautiful! How she described the beauty of death. As a part of society, we have always been told about the negativity that the word “DEATH” comes with. But she says that the loss of her husband made her document his memories and keep him alive through it, for eternity! The photos that she shared with the world are more than beautiful, these pictures speak volumes that are reaching miles and penetrating through the hearts and emotions of the world.


The words that she chose to narrate beautiful stories of togetherness are totally heartfelt! She says that the pictures are playing a significant role to heal her heart and her soul. A woman, a friend, a wife is paying tribute to the beauty of “MAN.” Anjali is sharing every inch of Jacob’s personality through her Instagram account since he passed. It is overwhelming how they met on this particular social platform and now Instagram is helping her use memories to heal the fact that they separated.


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I am keeping myself so together, feeling sure of the two feet I stand on when I turn out of bed each morning. Then a song plays and I'm transported, and begin to feel the unraveling. How can everything be okay without him? Last night I found myself swaying, remembering so vividly a moment from our wedding. Everyone was on the dance floor, but the venue needed us out. Music stopped and everyone turned to Michael and chanted "ONE MORE SONG, one more song." Heart of Gold by Charles Bradley came on, Jacob put his arms firmly around me and we kissed through huge smiles. Trumpets sounded as our feet shuffled. We were the last people to leave, we stopped to thank every person working and assured them that everything was exactly how we had dreamed. We turned back to look at the empty space, in disbelief of how life could be so good to us.

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Grief is very much a taboo in our culture. As much as we want to help people that are hurting, we are never taught what to say or do to help. We avoid the conversation all together, or talk about something that makes us more comfortable. People have said to me, meaning to be supportive, remarks that are so upsetting it's mind boggling. "I know what it's like to be lonely, well not as lonely as you," or "I'm so happy for you," or "If I were you I would just want to go back to my routine," I have no desire to be critical of people, it brings me no pleasure. I want to be thankful, that I am alive, that I am supported. I want to take what they meant to say instead of what I heard, which is "you're in my thoughts." For each of the really dark days I've encountered since Jacob died, I have had a mechanism to cope. Friends, traveling, my family, his family, great books, massages, nature. If you have a friend or a loved one going through a loss, do not assume what they are feeling. Do not tell them everything will be okay. Do not tell them what you would have done if you were in their situation. Just listen. Be patient. Be compassionate. Be flexible. Show up. Tell them something that you loved or admired about the person that's gone. If you never met them, say you wish you had. Acknowledge their loss. Thank you to each and every one of you who has shown up.

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Best šŸ‘ØšŸ½I could ever hope for.

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We would often travel near our birthdays, born 3 years and 3 days apart. 2013 New York, 2014 Mexico, 2015 Austin, 2016 New Zealand, 2017 to be India. I remember so vividly our side trip from Isla Mujeres to see the ruins in Tulum and the Gran Cenote. We were so very happy, in crystal water and warm sun. When other people were taking pictures of the beauty of nature itself, my camera was so focused on him. I was in wonder of this man, so sure of himself, so comfortable in every setting & so easy to please. How did I snag someone this beautiful? He's perfect for me. Last night I dreamt he came home from work, carrying packages from the front hallway as he often did. He had a big smile on his face, I thought maybe he was carrying a present for me. I had told him not to get me anything. The sight of him startled me awake, shot me out of slumber. I saw what he was wearing and the way he looked at me, but I didn't get to hug him. Lying there, mad at myself for not continuing the dream, desperate to look at him again, I remember today is my birthday and it is the first I'll have to spend without him.

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These are not only captions but A man’s reflection through the heart of a woman! “It’s a rare art!”


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