What it is Like to Be a Virgin In Your 20s: Things Every Virgin Girl Thinks About!

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Though Virginity is something very sensitive and it no way holds the license to define a girl’s life. But let’s admit it that every virgin girl faces some common comments in her daily life and after that starts the cycle of overthinking, because everyone seems to find out about your virginity somehow (Maybe there is something in your behavior, a hint?).




1. Why don’t I really get sexually aroused? Am I an asexual?

2. Why does everyone says that I behave weird and different? Am I doing something wrong?

3. Why do people consider me a kid? I am a fairly matured woman now!

4. I am not able to turn on any guy. I have zero vocabulary!

5. Should I lose my virginity before marriage?

6. What if I die of sex?

7. What if I get pregnant?


If you go through similar thoughts let us know in the comments section below. Your take girls!


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