10 Things that Turn on a Guy

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When a man’s needs are met, they are automatically inspired to try harder, become better partners and aim for higher levels of success, not only within their intimate relationships but in all other areas of life too.

To understand and achieve this, we must accept that men and women are a little different.
This is not a list of rules, nor is it to be expected that all men will feel the same way as one another. It is just an outline and guide to understand some of the things that men generally value highly within their relationships.

1. Lingerie and High Heels

Individually, each of these items is a major turn on to any guy. But when you combine them, they become a lethal combination. Quality lingerie gets all your best angles into the spotlight and it’s incredibly arousing. Top that off with high heels that lift your butt and make your chest pop out…you’re guy won’t last past the 3-minute mark.

2. Closeness

This works particularly well with guys that you’re not yet in a relationship with. Being close to a woman is incredibly arousing, this can happen on a bus, in the elevator, at the bar and basically everywhere else where 2 people are somewhat forced to be in close proximity. Why? Because it becomes incredibly evident how much of a woman you are (your hair, your smell…) – basically, they get to see you up close and many guys relish at the chance.

3. Touching

Men always make an effort to properly touch a woman, they view it in a way, as their responsibility but when a woman touches back, or even when she touches first…it’s overwhelming at times. Best places are around the neck, ear, arms and back of the head whilst kissing… touch a guy in any of these locations and you’ll surely get him going

4. Protection

However strong and independent females are, guys still have the innate desire to want to protect us. Usually, the protection comes from the simplest everyday things. Allow them, because we protect them from a lot of things too—just in different ways.
Whether it’s shielding us from the rain with their coats, getting up in the night to investigate strange noises or giving that creepy guy a look that tells them to quit staring, there are countless ways they can make us feel safe. When he is in protection mode, he will feel like a superhero. He is at his most masculine, and endorphins will release to make him feel good. He and he alone wants to feel like he can fully protect—that for a man is extremely potent.

5. Flirt

By text, phone calls and when you meet—keep the sexual attraction strong by keeping tensions high with the occasional naughty or suggestive message. Let him know how he makes you feel and what his body does to yours. Flirting is fun. Enjoy how it makes you both feel and say things to make him smile that way he does when certain intentions are going through his mind.

6. Make him laugh

Laughing is contagious and not only that, it sends messages to the brain, which then releases endorphins that make us feel amazing. Laughing is good for us physiologically and psychologically. When men are questioned about traits they love in a woman, often this one is near the top of the list: a woman they can laugh with.

7. A Dirty Mouth

I’m not talking about having dirt in your mouth, I mean talking dirty to your man. It’s a really great way to turn your man on. There are a ton of different ways to talk dirty to your man depending on what you are most comfortable with.Here are a few examples of being polite with your dirty talk.
“When I get you back to your room, I’m going to give you something you’ve only ever dreamed of.”
“I bet that no matter how hard you try, you can’t guess what color bra I’m wearing.”
“If I didn’t have to go to work today, I’d totally spend the whole day in bed with you.”

8. The color red

Consider that little red dress for your date next time. According to a research guys said ladies in crimson were most attractive, even more than the exact same women donning other tints.

9. Full hips and thighs

Another reason to love your body!! many men prefer thicker thighs rather than slender ones.

10. Boy Shorts – His Shirt

Quite simple, men find these shorts incredibly sexy. The way they mold on a girls butt is like an art form. Again, it’s all about the womanly shape and boy shorts are a good way to put that into effect.
Also, whilst we’re on the topic of boy stuff, his shirts are another incredible turn on. Why? Well because if he gives you his shirt and you put it on, it’s probably going to be very large. This makes you feel like a woman but more importantly it makes him feel like a man, powerful and strong and yes, that’s a turn on for us – even though it may seem narcissistic.


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