10 Tips to Help You Keep Your Long-distance Relationship Strong

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Long distance relationship can be very hard for a couple to survive. It takes more efforts, it needs more trust and time to stay afloat. Often couples are not able to make such a relationship last long because they continue to be the same as they were when they were not living apart. What they do not understand is that not being in the presence of the person would need more efforts to be invested in the relationship.

keeping your relationship strong from far away is quite a task and only those few who understand this well can make it last. So where do the others go wrong? Well, here are a few things which ‘others’ should do to make it work.

1. Dedication

Dedication is very important, you both must be dedicated towards each other and dedicated to making things work. You cannot give up because of a few glitches. If even one of you is a bit off about making it work, it won’t and if one of you is making more efforts than the other, then also it will not work and your relationship will be torn apart. So both of you need to stay dedicated.

2. Communication

This is the key to a long distance relationship. Now that both of you are living apart, you need a good communication to make you both feel close. You cannot meet but you can always skype or chat to tell each other about your day and your feelings and problems. Share your thoughts and feelings like you used to when you lived together, the only difference is that now you would do it over a call. Make sure to tell each other everything and say those magical words more, express your feelings more, have fun conversations too, just keep the words flowing, it will keep you strong.

3. Date nights

You can always do things together, even if you are apart. Like if you both have a favourite movie, start the movie together and watch it at your own places, converse in between the movie and you will feel like you both are sitting together.

4. Technology at your rescue

Technology has provided you so many options to stay connected. Utilise it, use the video calling apps, the couple apps, etc to stay together and connected. They are really helpful and these small things are exactly what you need to stay ‘together’ when apart.

5. Talk

Do not let technology take over things, it is good to stay connected with technology but it is totally unhealthy to stop calling each other and just staying connected through texts or those couple apps. A talk over call for 10-20 minutes every day can be a great help for both of you to feel closer.

6. Visit as often as you can

If you get a chance, grab it and hold it tight, do not let it go. Meet as often as you can. It will strengthen your relationship. Meeting after a long time will make you feel closer and you will appreciate the time you spend together. But this does not mean that you avoid meeting each other for a long time. Send each other little care packages to show that you care and try to meet on every chance you get.

7. Trust

you have to trust your partner as trust is the foundation of the relationship. Also, you need to take care that you do not take undue advantage of the trust your partner has on you. If you are going somewhere, tell them the truth, do not hide things and be honest about everything.

8. Life outside relationship

You both are living separately, so it is obvious that you will have a different life where you live. Respect that individuality in each other’s life. If your partner is going out somewhere, let them be, they need to socialize and if you tie them up to you and not let them be their own self, they might go away from you. It is unhealthy to not have a life outside your relationship because that way you will be too much dependant on your partner and they will also feel frustrated at some point in time.


9. Make routine

try to work out a routine so that you both can make time for each other when you are free. This way you will be able to concentrate on your work too as you will know that you both will have a talk at a particular time every day. So dedicate a time of the day for each other and life would be easier.

10. No comparison

Do not compare your relationship with that of others, they do not have a long distance relationship and everyone is different. it is easy to look at other couples and envy their ability to spend time together but what both of you are doing for each other while staying apart is much more special than spending time together. If you do not compare yourself with others, you will be able to appreciate the efforts more and have a peaceful relationship.

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