5 Apps For Couples that You Never Knew Existed!!

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You cannot stay all day long with your partner. Sometimes you even have to stay away for few days or weeks!
Technology gives you the option to stay close all the time, there are many apps that you did not know existed which help you and your partner to express your love for each other in many ways.
Have a look at these apps and Keep Loving!!

1. Avocado

This app lets you create your own private social network. It’s your own world where you can save pictures, share updates, and chat with your partner will keep you feeling close even when you’re far apart. It’s adorable ThumbKiss feature, which lets you connect with your partner by touching your phones in the same place and sharing a little buzz.

2. ThelceBreak

This app asks you questions that help you get to know each other and keep your chats fresh, it brings you closer and helps you rack up a score (aka vouchers) that you can cash in when you finally get together. It is available for iOS only though.

3. Between

This app lets you and your partner share a world of your own. It has 1 to 1 chat, you can share moments and an easy to use calendar. This app i very cute and has adorable stickers too.

4. LokLok

This is a really cute app, you can surprise you partner with a doodle by making it on your lock screen. Whatever You doodle on your lock screen will appear on their screen too. You can even create more than one groups, maybe a friend group and let your loved one know that you are thinking of them. It is totally hassle-free and easy to use.

5. Couplete

This app helps you maintain a wishlist so that you can plan everything you want to do together with your partner. It is also a life-log for couples by keeping all your precious moments secure.


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