7 Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance That You Cannot Afford To Miss

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Your hormones are chemical messengers that travel throughout your body, delivering messages to your organs, tissues, and cells to boost metabolism, build muscle, de-stress, etc. The type of food you eat, your sleeping pattern, stress management, body movement, etc. all effects your hormones. Good habits maintain the ideal hormonal balance.

Having unhealthy eating habits, not having proper sleep and lack of exercise, all comes at a cost and while some face the consequences later, others start suffering soon after they adopt these habits.

Hormonal imbalance affects the body in many ways. It can cause some serious problems if not taken care of properly.

Here are a few symptoms of hormonal disbalance. If you find any of these then do get a check up!

1. Struggle to get out of bed in morning?

Specific hormones are produced in a cyclical or circadian pattern every day, and if their rhythm gets altered you’ll start to feel sluggish, fatigued or fail to thrive. Struggling to get out of bed is a clear sign of wacky circadian hormone output. Some hormones are responsible for body cycle and if their rhythm gets altered, you feel sluggish and lazy all the time.

2. You sleep after a high carb meal

Does this happen with you that right after you have had a very tasty lunch, you go back to the office for work but are not even able to keep your eyes open after the mid-day? Well, if yes then your insulin is probably functioning poorly.

3. Have serious cravings all day

Many things are responsible for this, one of the main reason is the leptin hormone which keeps you satiated. SO if you keep craving food all day long then this hormone is out of balance. Stress and high insulin may be reasons for this. You can try to have some dark chocolate or walnuts to cure it.

4. High belly fat

If your belly fat is high, your cortisol stress level will increase and in turn, it will lead to weight gain. It is also responsible for imbalanced insulin level in the body.

5. Low libido

Training too much and pushing yourself to the ultimate limits can make you lose your mojo. Working long hours and having loads of stress can also cause the same.

6. You are cold, tired with lifeless hair

Your thyroid gland is out of balance. Cold hand and feet, sluggish feeling, lifeless and dull hair, all these are the sure signs of a wacky thyroid gland. Stress plays a major role in this.

Whatever the symptoms you are facing, get the tests done and go for a healthy lifestyle. Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are the main reasons for hormonal imbalance.


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