These Illustrations Perfectly Describe How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

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Bangkok-based illustrator Pratchaya Mahapauraya of Sundae Kids illustrates sweet comics about love that tug at your heart strings. They are a perfect description of how to survive a long distance relationship.
In A LDR you need to express more love because afterall you are not together. So expressing a bit more love won’t hurt anyone right?
It is not an easy task to stay apart when you want to be together all the time. These illustrations show the sweet love in a long distance relationship.

1. They may not be physically together but they can always get the feel of being together!


2. A little act of love will not hurt anyone right!


3. Well it is always heartbreaking to be away from each other when the only thing you want is to be together!


4. Keep things interesting with those random hugs and stuff you do together.


5. Compliments and sweet nothings are the best part of a relationship!


6. Keep reminding them that you are thinking of them and would rather be with them


7. Be stupid and lively, stay you and shower them with all the love you have


8. Stay kind, honest and loyal even when they are not around


9. Some PDA and a little romance is a must, do not shy away from that!


10. Never stay angry from each other, never sleep upon a fight. It only takes a call!


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