12 Lies We All Have Told Our Partners

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We know lying is bad and one should not do it at any cost, but there are a few white lies we all say in relationships. Be it guys or girls, both have their share of little harmless lies that they tell each other quite a few times. These are said not to hide things but because we love them a lot more than they know.

Here are a few lies all girls say:

1. “I am really sleepy”

We say this and when he has kept the phone down, a notification pops up and from there begins the endless scrolling of feed because you just don’t check the notification, you scroll your Facebook feed, then Instagram feed and now that all the sleep is gone you even go through your Twitter feed. *Addictions*

2. “No, I am not sleepy, we can talk”

You say this and after that you don’t even know when you fall asleep and even worse he keeps on saying things without noticing you are in your deep sleep. *Facepalm*

3. “I don’t mind you looking at other girls”

Saying this just because we don’t want to seem an over attached girlfriend and we do mind when you look at other girls especially while we are walking beside you.

4. “Tell me, I promise, I won’t get mad”

Tell us what is the matter you are hiding and then we will decide if it is worth getting mad at you or not, chances are we will get mad and we said that just to know the thing. *Evil laugh*

5. “I love each and everything about you”

Yes, we love everything about you, be it how careless and disorganised you are, or how picky you get about the vegies you like to eat.
i love you

6. “Yes, I will just take 5 minutes to get ready”

The girl who says and means it should be awarded. How can some girl get ready in 5 minutes, she has to do think of what to wear, do her hair and face and so many other things. Even superwoman cannot do that.
5 mins to get ready

7. “I don’t want any gifts”

Be it Valentine’s Day or our birthday or for that mater your birthday, we love getting gifts and we will love to get a surprise from you but no pressure on you dude.

8. “Wow, the gift is so beautiful, I love it”

Yes, we really love the effort you have made but I already have three black bags. Can I have the bill to just exchange it for red, but I love it. That is a win-win. We get the gift from you which we really want.

9. “Your friends are always welcomed”

One would have loved them if they were not so loud or if they would not takeover the remote and my comfy spot on the weekend.

10. “I don’t mind you going for a boys night out”

Why would I let my man go out with guys leaving me behind at the weekend. We don’t know what all you guys be doing, there can be excess of alcohol, or excess of smoking or women or the worst all of these together.

11. “I don’t car about who was in your past

Yes, we don’t care about the past but doing a little research on your ex does not hurt anyone. Don’t you know we was born with the special stalking skills and you never know when an ex causes some serious trouble.

12. “I hate you”

If that would be true why would I be with you. We say because sometimes we are angry but the moment we say that we regret it. Few minutes later, we will be telling you how much you mean to us.
i hate you


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