10 Things Men Don’t Let Their Partners Know

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For every relationship, it is very important that both partners are honest with each other. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with the one you love is what a relationship is all about. But there are a few things guys hide from their girls. It is not that they are hiding the important big details about their life because if they are then you definitely need to talk.

There are things that they don’t let their girls know because they are those little things they don’t want to talk about but every girl should know these.

1. They have sexual fantasies that may sound weird to us

They have fantasies that may seem really weird to us and that is the reason they are embarrassed to share those with us. Talk to him about what fantasies he has and with time he will open up to you.

2. They are not interested in details

As girls we like to go into the details of how things happened and what was happening in the surroundings, but guys are not interested in those. Just cut the chase and tell him the main thing you are talking about and not those unnecessary details.

3. They don’t have things to say on dates

Ask a guy to plan a date and most often he will come up with an idea of a movie date or something which involves doing things except talking to each other. It is not because they don’t want to talk but because they don’t know what to talk about.

4. There are times when they want you to stay quit

Saying ‘shut up’ may sound rude and that is why they don’t say it but there are times when they just want you to stay quit. It is not necessary to keep saying things when together, sometimes you should just enjoy the silence together.

5. They hide things to keep the peace

When in an argument men don’t say what they feel a lot many times just because they don’t want it to get more heated. They often opt to stay silent or hide things just to avoid fights. So instead of fighting over why he hadn’t told you a few think about the reasons he had.

6. They also like compliments

Guys don’t admit that often but they also want to be complimented. They want you to feel attracted towards them and tell them why you love them and all kinds of compliments a girl wants.

7. They get jealous

Even if you are just saying those lovely things for a celebrity who is simply out of our reach, your guy will feel jealous about the fact that you have said those for a guy except him. He won’t show this many a times but he surely feels jealous.

8. He stalks you on social media

He may show that he does not care what you do online but he might be stalking you everywhere and keeping an eye on every activity of yours. From a like on some guy’s pic to what you commented on your best friend’s status, they know it all.

9. They do cry

Many times they would have asked you for not watching that movie because he does not like these tragic romantic movies, they are just crap. The truth is he does not want to watch those with you because he too cries while watching those and does not want that to happen when you are beside him.

10. All they want is you to be happy

Many a times we complain to them about not doing things for us and coming to the conclusion that they don’t love us. But the thing is most of the times they don’t have any idea about what to do or how to do, so spare them ladies.


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