12 Things Girls Dating A Tall Guy Will Relate To

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Dating a tall guy is an experience in itself. There are so many things you won’t know if you are dating a average height person, and girl you are missing so much in life. Not though dating others is bad but tall guys have their charm.

1. You are showered with perfect forehead kisses.


2. And how can we forget those tip-toe kisses.

tip toe kiss

3. No ladder is needed to reach the top shelf.


4. They are just so good at picking you up.


5. You can easily wear your highest heels without towering him.


6. Arms that can wrap you around completely make you feel so safe.

arms around

7. Hearing the heartbeat while resting your head on his chest make things so perfect.

hearing heartbeat

8. Their shirts become great dresses for you.


9. Finding your man in the crowd is so easy, thanks to the height.


10. Your kids will be most probably tall because of his great genes.


11. But shopping for him may limit you to select styles, size problem you know.


12. They will have everything in proportion to their height. You know what we mean, right….



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