14 Things All Long Distance BFFs Will Understand

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Distance is something we hate between our friends but time has its own way. Things happen like studies, professional commitments or for that matter marriages which bring distance in friendships. But nothing can bring best friends apart not even distance. These are things every long distance BFFs can relate to.

1. Goodbye is never easy.

good bye

2. Sometimes you wonder why in this world you would meet someone so perfect if you had to move apart.

why apart

3. Skype is the place you meet and nobody can come in between when you are on call with them.


4. Sometimes you go weeks without talking but you still think about each other.


5. People think you are texting bae but you are texting your bff.


6. Your throwback pictures are always about the time you were together.


7. You keep sending each other pics that remind you of the other.

8. New outfit needs to be seen by them before the world sees it.


9. You become a genius in calculating all the time difference.

10. You like all facebook, instagram and whatever is posted where ever.

11. You stock things to tell when you talk next but when you do you are so overwhelmed that you forget everything.

miss you

12. When you hear she is visiting all those great happening places you feel a bit jealous but still you are happy that she is living her dreams.

13.You talk about the weather and what the other is experiencing is always better.

14. You finally know why people say absence makes the heart grow fonder.



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