16 Things Only the Younger Siblings Will Understand

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It’s a wonderful thing to have siblings. You grow up playing with them, fighting with them and having the best kinda fun with them. No matter how much annoying and irritating you think they are, you just can’t help loving them. In case you are the younger one, you will definitely relate to these things.

1. You were adopted.

“You were picked from a dumpster”, “Mother found you in a trash bin. She felt pity on you, so she brought you home!”- you have been told this by your older sibling, time and again. If only you knew about DNA testing then, challenging them would have been easier.

2. Mom and Dad love me more.

You were often told that since your elder brother/sister has spent more number of years with your parents, they love him/her more. These older siblings know all the means in this world to make their younger sibling cry!

3. You get the hand-me-downs.

“I’m environment-friendly. I believe in the concept of reusing and recycling”- is what you tell yourself. The legacy of over sized clothes, scribbled books and dolls with missing limbs goes down to you.

4. Get out of my room! (even if you share the room)

The injustice of keeping you away from your own room is meted out on you for a period lasting till your adolescence. You’re not allowed to touch their things or go to their room in their presence.

5. I can’t wait you to move out already. (in case, you’re a girl)

No matter how much your brother says he awaits your marriage and departure from the house, they are the ones who miss you the most when you actually leave the house.

6. You’re not allowed to go anywhere near their friends

You are strictly advised to stay as far as possible from their friends, when they come over to your place. You are a serious danger to your sibling at that time coz you can spill some their beans which they will never want to happen.

7. Comparison with other people’s siblings

“Why can’t you be like my friend’s younger sibling? He is so less annoying than you are!”

8. Blackmailing

Since your adorable elder brother/sister knows many of your secrets, they use them as blackmailing weapons to make you do their chores.
“Chup chaap pani lekar aa nhi toh abhi mummy ko batata hu”

9. “I get scolded every time because of you.”

One of the perks of being the younger one- You are spared from the scolding for any mess you both create.

10. You’ve to make their practical files

Summer vacations for you mean making diagrams and completing their practical files.

11. You’re the guinea pig for all their experiments

You fall prey to all their misadventures. All of the gaming adventures, make up or clothing experiments are tried and tested on you first. And you just can’t do anything about it!

12. The remote control fight

When the airing time of your favourite shows clashes, you know its WWE time at home. Since they are the stronger pones, you always end up losing.

13. You are treated as a servant

“Bring me a glass of water”, “Keep that plate in the kitchen”- this mistreatment makes you feel like a waiter at some restaurant.

14. They have higher number of photographs of their childhood

Since they were the first child of your parents, they have more pictures of their childhood than you have. And they leave no opportunity to pick on you with this.

15. They call your funniest nicknames in front of your friends

Everyone has cute funny nicknames at home. Cool! But its not cool when your older sibling calls you names infront of your friends. Huh!

16. You have the most effective weapon- ‘Tears’

In the middle of a fight with your older sibling and you’re on the losing end? No worries! All you gotta do is shed some tears in front of your parents and the next thing you see is your sibling getting scolded from your parents.


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